How do I contact the RAW team?

Send us an e-mail at info@rawfilmmakers.com

When are RAW’s application deadlines?

There are two deadlines. First Round and Second Round.

  • The First Round deadline is: August 28, 2017
  • The Second Round is: To be confirmed, but sometime around early October 2017. Keep an eye on our website and Instagram for updates.

When are the RAW Development Workshops going to be held?

The First Round Workshops:

  • Creator/writer applicants: Intensive Brainstorming Week held from Monday 18 to Saturday 23 September, 2017.
  • Writer-only applicants: Writers Room Week held from Monday 25 to Friday 29 September, 2017.

What’s the difference between a creator/writer and a writer-only applicant?

If you apply as a creator/writer it means that you are submitting one of your original concepts. If you are selected as a successful creator/writer applicant, you stay on as the creator/writer of your series and develop from concept to pilot-making phase with the help of professional mentors and two additional writers.

If you apply as a writer-only it means that you are applying to be part of the writing team of the submitted concept chosen to be developed from concept to pilot-making phase.

Second Round Workshops:

Director applicants and producer applicants: To be confirmed. Keep an eye out on the RAW website and Instagram for updates.

What are the eligibility requirements for submitting to the Lab?

  • All applicants must be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander decent.
  • All applicants must be 18 – 35 years of age at time of application.
  • Concepts submitted by creator/writers must be:

–  the creator/writer’s original story

–  be written in the English language

  • Concepts submitted cannot have been previously produced, published or in any way communicated to the public in any media or format.
  • Concepts must not have been sold or licensed to any third party and must be wholly unencumbered.
  • By submitting an application to RAW, applicants warrant that the concept and its development and production through RAW shall not infringe the copyright or any other proprietary right of another individual or entity.

You mentioned First Round and Second Round, what’s that all about?

First Round:

The First Round is the creator/writer and writer-only development phase.

This phase sees up to three creator/writers develop their concepts during RAW’s ‘Intensive Brainstorming Week’. With help from a team of professional mentors – selected applicants develop their concept into a great pitch which is then presented to RAW’s team at the end of the ‘Intensive Brainstorming Week’.

RAW’s team will choose only one concept from the three pitches presented, to move through to the next stage: The Writers Room Week. If your pitch is successful, you will be expected to also attend The Writers Room Week.

During The Writers Room Week, you will develop your concept into a Series Bible and plot the first three episodes of your series. But you won’t be alone. The RAW judges also select up to two writers from all writer-only applicants to join you during this development phase. Together, you are RAW’s writing team. And the best news is – you continue to have hands-on help from professional mentors along the way.

When the Writers Room Week is over, the writer-only applicants complete their participation with RAW. The creator/writer moves onto the scriptwriting phase, continuing to write and complete the pilot episode of the series, gearing up to its production.

Second Round:

The Second Round is for early-career directors and producers.

RAW’s team chooses one early-career director and one early-career producer to join the RAW crew and help bring this awesome new series to life.

So if your thing is directing or producing, keep an eye on our website and Instagram for updates in early October.

What will be required to submit for the First Round of RAW?

If you’re submitting as a Creator/Writer:

ONE PAGE of no more than 400 words, including:

  • The title of your series
  • The log-line of your series
  • A synopsis of your concept. You can include the description of the world of your series, tell us where it takes place, a brief description of your concept’s central character and his or her driving force and how it connects to the concept of your series. A brief description of your major supporting characters is also recommended.

ONE PAGE of no more than 400 words including:

  • Your short bio
  • One paragraph telling us why you are interested and connected to the story and concept you’re submitting
  • One paragraph telling us why you are applying for RAW


  • Attach the first five pages of a script you’ve written. This can be a short film, long-form series script, a play or any creative/narrative written work samples.

If you’re submitting as a Writer-only:

ONE PAGE of no more than 400 words including:

  • Your short bio
  • One paragraph telling us why you are applying for RAW


  • Attach the first five pages of a script you’ve written. This can be a short film, long-form series scrip, a play or any creative/narrative written work samples.

What sort of script samples should I send in?

Feel free to search the bottom of your drawer. RAW is for everybody, so if you’ve got produced (as a sample, not as your concept) or un-produced scripts, either way, we just want pages that show your unique voice and that you’re serious about writing.

Can I submit as a creator/writer applicant and also a writer-only applicant?

Applicants can submit as both a creator/writer and writer-only. Just make sure you submit separate applications. (You can also submit the same writing sample for each application in this case).

I am submitting as a creator/writer but I have more than one concept.

Creator/writers can submit up to two concepts. You will have to submit two separate creator/writer applications. (You can submit the same writing sample for each application in this case).

We will consider two submitted applications, so find your top two concepts for us to look at.

Does it cost to apply for RAW?

No, applying for RAW is free.

Do participants pay for travel and accommodations?

Domestic airfare, accommodation and per-diems will be arranged and provided to the successful applicants who are not currently based in Sydney, Australia.

Does RAW, AFTRS, Artology or the ABC own my project?

If you and your concept are accepted for RAW, Artology will acquire rights to your project to develop and produce your concept under RAW. Artology will also option rights to produce a series based on your concept and to pitch this to ABC for further development and production funding.

What kind of material is RAW most interested in supporting?

We are looking for projects that demonstrate a creative vision and unique voice, populated by strong characters, original concepts, and innovative approaches to storytelling.

We encourage all creator/writer applicants to pitch concepts that pivot to digital-first as short-form episodic narratives that resonate with millennial audiences globally.

Animation and non-fiction concepts will not be considered.

When will I be notified if I’m selected for RAW?

Creator/writer applicants selected for the First Round are notified week commencing September 11, 2017.

Writer-only applicants selected are notified week commencing September 18, 2017.


Credit: A credit can be a ‘produced by’, ‘written by’ or ‘directed by’ credit on any drama, comedy, play, documentary, short film, feature film, or any content streamed on any platform. We acknowledge there’s a wide variety of places where content can be broadcast and streamed these days.

Early-career: You’re starting out, you’ve got some experience and could also have a couple of credits up your sleeve.

Green-light: Your concept is given the go-ahead by a broadcaster or streaming platform.

Log-line: A single sentence that conveys the basic plot of your story in the most succinct, powerful way.

Narrative series: A series with characters and episodes linked by an ongoing event which changes with time over a long story arc.

Per-diems: An allowance paid to you for the time you are away from home if you are not Sydney based.

Pilot: The very first produced episode of a series.

Pitch: This is when you verbally present your concept usually to an executive producer or broadcaster in the hope they like your concept and give it the green-light.

Platform: A digital channel where your concept is streamed.

Short-form: Your concept must be able to be developed with episodes of up to 10- minutes. Perfect to watch on the go.